About Five Star Cheerleading

 At Five Star, we strive to formulate teams that are both age appropriate and competitive at all levels. Our main focus lies in teaching both individuals and teams new progressions throughout season while ensuring our athletics are enjoying what they are doing! Our competition season runs May - April. If you would like addition information about our program, teams, or prices please contact the gym! This season we offer the following team:

Tiny Level 1 Expo - Twinkles

Tiny Level 1 Prep - Starlites

Youth Level 2 - Rockstars

Youth Level 3 - Blackout

Junior Level 5 - Electra

Senior Level 2 - Supernova

Senior Level  4.2 - Mega Stars

Senior Co-Ed Level  3 - Shooting Stars

Senior Restricted Co-Ed 5 - Blazing Stars

Senior Level 5 - Superstars


 Competition Schedule 2017-2018

Date Competition Locations

Teams Attending

November 18th Purple Premiere Five Star All
December 2nd & 3rd America's Best Nationals Gatlinburg, TN Rockstars, Blackout, Supernova, Mega Stars, Shooting Stars, Electra, Blazing Stars
December 16th & 17th GMCE 2-Day Columbus, OH Superstars
December 16th Jamfest Lexington, KY Blackout, Mega, Shooting, Electra
December 17th GMCE Columbus, OH Twinkles, Starlites, Rockstars, Supernova, Blazing Stars
January 21st Encore Cincinnati, OH Twinkles, Starlites, Rockstars, Blackout, Supernovas, Mega, Shooting
January 27th & 28th Jamfest Super Nationals Indianapolis, IN Electra, Blazing Stars, Superstars
February 11th GMCE Troy, OH Twinkles, Starlites, Supernova, Rockstars, Mega, Shooting
February 24th & 25th COA Nationals Columbus, OH Starlites, Rockstars, Blackout, Supernova, Mega, Shooting, Electra, Blazing, Super, Midnight
March 4th CHEERSPORT Cincinnati, OH Twinkles, Starlites, Rockstars, Blackout, Supernova, Mega, Shooting
March 10th & 11th Coastal Nationals National Harbor, MD Electra, Blazing Stars, Superstars
March 24th & 25th American Cheer Power Columbus, OH Superstars & Midnight 
April 7th or 8th US Finals Indianapolis, IN TBA (if teams receive bid)
April 14th & 15th One-Up Nationals Atlanta, GA Superstars & Midnight
April 28th - 30th Worlds

Walt Disney World

Orlando, FL

TBA (if teams receive bid)
May 4th - 6th The Summit

Walt Disney World

Orlando, FL

TBA (if teams receive bid)
May 5th - 6th The One

Walt Disney World

Orlando, FL

TBA (if teams receive bid)

(Printable Competition Schedule is under the "Class Schedule & Waivers" tab)









12-2 Blazing & Blackout 


2-4 Superstars & Shooting


3-5 Electra 


4-6 Rockstars


4:30-6:30 Mega Stars


5-7 Electra


6-7 Starlites


7-9 Blazing & Supernova


4:30-6:30 Superstars


6-7 Twinkles


6-8 Blackout


7-9 Shooting


 4:30-6:30 Blazing


6-7 Starlites


6-7:30 Rockstars



5-7 Electra & Supernova


7-9 Superstars & Mega



At Five Star we offer Fundraising opportunities to help pay for tuition!! The items below are fundraising activities that you can participate in through out the year to help pay for monthly fees.


  • Reds Games
  • Candy
  • Candles
  • Butter Braids
  • Pizza
  • Misc.


Important Team Placements Info:


Our focus when determining team placement is Program 1st, Team 2nd, Individual 3rd.


Everyone is placed on a team Levels 1-5. Please understand that we don’t choose all of our teams based on the tumbling level of your athlete. Some of our teams will not have all the same athletes competing at the same tumbling level.  In a perfect world, we would have maxed out Squad tumbling on every team, and be able to compete the Level required stunts & pyramids.  Ultimately, we have to have a set number of stunt groups on each team.  Each group is made up of a Flyer, 2 Bases and Back Spot.  So, essentially, you’re competing with other athletes who are trying out for the same position as you.  For example: There are 5 positions available for flyers on Team A.  8 girls tryout and there are only 5 positions.  Only 5 of those girls will make that team as a flyer, and the other 3 will either base on another team or fly.  Every year is different, and that is why we have team placements.  We also reserve the rights to move athletes from team to team throughout the season.  It is necessary due to athletes moving, quitting, injuries, progressing, etc.



Level 1

Cartwheel, Round off, Forward Roll, Back Walk-over, Front Walkover or does not have the Level 2 tumbling requirements.

Level 2

Has a Standing Back-Handspring, Back Walk-over Back-Handspring, Round-off Two Back-Handsprings on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specialty Passes: Front Walk-overs to Round-off Back-Handsprings, Back-Handspring Step-outs/ Jump ½ Turns to Round-off Back-Handsprings

Level 3

Has Toe Touch 2 Back-Handsprings, Standing 3 Back-Handsprings, a Round-off Back-Handspring Back Tuck, a Round-off tuck on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specially Passes: Back-Handspring Step-outs, Front Walk-overs, and Front Punches to a Round-off Tuck/ Back-Handspring Tuck.

Level 4

Has a Standing Back Tuck and Standing 2 Back-Handsprings to Tuck and Round-Off Back-Handspring Layout on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specially Passes: Front Walk-overs, Front Punches, and Whips to a Layout.

Level 5 Restricted

Has jump to Back Tuck on the floor, Standing 2 Back-Handsprings to a Layout, and has Round-off Back-Handspring Full on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specialty Passes: Whips to Hand Full, Arabian power through to Fulls, Front Walkovers Front Punch through to fulls.

Level 5

Has jump to Back Tuck on the floor, Standing 2 Back-Handsprings to a full, Standing Back-Handspring Full, Standing Full, Standing to Doubles. Round-off Back-Handspring Full on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specialty Passes: Double fulls, Whips to Fulls/ Doubles, Arabians to Fulls/ Doubles, Front Punch through to Fulls/ Doubles.


(If you’d like further information on what the levels consist of in all areas of cheerleading, please visit for more details.)



Phone: (859) 647–0660
Fax: (859) 647–0134

Monday: 9a-12p & 4p-9p
Tuesday: 9a-2:30p & 4p-9p
Wednesday: 9a-12p & 4p-9p
Thursday: 9a-2:30p & 4p-9p
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 8a-1p (Birthday Parties 1:30-6:30 & Open Gym 7-10p - when scheduled)
Sunday: 12p-6p 


Would never have made it as far as I did without the coaches, facility, and athletes! Thanks to them I can now call myself a three time college cheerleading National Champion. They open up doors for all athletes and truly care about the success of each athlete. I owe MY success to these people and that gym will always have my heart! - Shannon

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