Next Open Gym Saturday, May 30th! 7-10pm $10

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Week 2 of Competitive Cheer Team Placements now posted under our "Class Schedule & Waivers" Tab. Still interestered in joining the Five Star Cheer Family? E-mail for more information!


      MaleTumbling Instructor  

  Approx. 10-12 hours/week

  Women's Compulsory Instructor 

(Level 1 thru Xcel)  

  8 -12 hours/week

        Experience is a must!

Please email your experience and references to

Open Gym

Saturday May 30th


Cost: $10


2015-2016 Competitive Cheerleading Team Placements

Cost: $30 for Returning Athletes & $40 for New Athletes

Tiny Show Team Sign-ups:

(Tiny exposition team)

Ages 5 & under

May 8th 6:00-7:00pm

Ages 5-8:

May 5th & 7th 6:00-7:00pm

May 12th & 14th 6:00-7:00pm

Ages 9-11:

May 5th & 7th 6:00-7:00pm

** Week 2 days and times will vary

Ages 12-18:

May 4th (All Levels) 6:30-8:00pm

May 6th (Level 1 &2) 6:00-7:00

(Levels 3-5) 7:30-8:45

** Week 2 days and times will vary

**Week 2 placements will be posted on our website Friday, May 8th. Placements times will be Monday-Friday 6-7:15pm or 7:30-8:45pm. If you missed your scheduled placement please e-mail Sam to schedule a make-up clinic. Last make-up clinic will be that will be Friday, May 15th.

Team announcements will be made Saturday, May 16th (Via Website)

--------------------Ages as of August 31st, 2015--------------------

Important Team Placements Info:

Our focus when determining team placement is Program 1st, Team 2nd, Individual 3rd.

Everyone is placed on a team Levels 1-5. Please understand that we don’t choose all of our teams based on the tumbling level of your athlete. Some of our teams will not have all the same athletes competing at the same tumbling level.  In a perfect world, we would have maxed out Squad tumbling on every team, and be able to compete the Level required stunts & pyramids.  Ultimately, we have to have a set number of stunt groups on each team.  Each group is made up of a Flyer, 2 Bases and Back Spot.  So, essentially, you’re competing with other athletes who are trying out for the same position as you.  For example: There are 5 positions available for flyers on Team A.  8 girls tryout and there are only 5 positions.  Only 5 of those girls will make that team as a flyer, and the other 3 will either base on another team or fly.  Every year is different, and that is why we have team placements.  We also reserve the rights to move athletes from team to team throughout the season.  It is necessary due to athletes moving, quitting, injuries, progressing, etc.


Level 1

Cartwheel, Round off, Forward Roll, Back Walk-over, Front Walkover or does not have the Level 2 tumbling requirements.

Level 2

Has a Standing Back-Handspring, Back Walk-over Back-Handspring, Round-off Two Back-Handsprings on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specialty Passes: Front Walk-overs to Round-off Back-Handsprings, Back-Handspring Step-outs/ Jump ½ Turns to Round-off Back-Handsprings

Level 3

Has Toe Touch 2 Back-Handsprings, Standing 3 Back-Handsprings, a Round-off Back-Handspring Back Tuck, a Round-off tuck on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specially Passes: Back-Handspring Step-outs, Front Walk-overs, and Front Punches to a Round-off Tuck/ Back-Handspring Tuck.

Level 4

Has a Standing Back Tuck and Standing 2 Back-Handsprings to Layout and Round-Off Back-Handspring Layout on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specially Passes: Front Walk-overs, Front Punches, and Whips to a Layout.

Level 5

Has 4 jumps to Back Tuck on the floor, Standing 2 Back-Handsprings to a full, and has Round-off Back-Handspring Full on the floor without a spot and great execution.

Specialty Passes: Double fulls, Whips to Full, Arabians to Fulls, Front Walkovers (Youth/Jr age) & Front Punch through to fulls.

(If you’d like further information on what the levels consist of in all areas of cheerleading, please visit for more details.)

Remember to review the all-star handbook before you tryout.  Please make sure you’re serious about the commitment both financially and time-wise before trying out. After evaluations, everyone is placed on a team. Our first team practice begins Monday, May 18th. Summer and School Practice Schedule will be determined on Saturday, May 16th when team announcements are made via our Website.

Looking forward to having you join our Five Star Family!


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